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The "My Mom Thinks I'm Cool" Award

My Mom Thinks I'm Cool!

Lets face it. Some web sites suck wind. They bite, pure and simple. Web sites that are so fantastically bad that only your mother could summon up enough love and compassion to say "It's....uh.....nice, honey".

These sites are about as likely to win an award as Clinton is to win the "Mr. Monogamy" Contest.

Thats where this award comes in. If you want this award, take it. There's the award, right up there, just waiting for you to steal it. Go ahead. You've probably stolen half the awards you've "won" so far anyway. Just take it - don't apply for it, don't send me your URL - God knows I probably don't want to see your site if you're considering displaying this award.

Just take it.