Site Name: My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles
Keywords humour humor laugh free fun weird
Description One: I live in Canada. Here, it snows 364 days a year. On the 365th day, we get some freezing rain, maybe a blizzard. In Canada, the Husky is king, and the man with a snow blower rules the block. We are weaned on beer, and we all think that back bacon is one of the 4 basic food groups (the others are Labatts, snow cones, and pizza). Please, visit my web site, and feel free to laugh at me. Anyway, I have to go. Its getting cold, and last night the huskies froze to the ground when they peed.
Description Two: If you like sarcasm, strange senses of humour, and making fun of other people, than this site is for you. If you like to be nice to everyone, and smile at bunnies, I suggest someplace else. The site has been cleared of all allegations of fish abuse. No fish were harmed in the making of this web site. Well, one got its feelings hurt, but she was soon made to feel better, after a cup of hot cocoa, and a nice heart-to-heart.