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Things People Said

Lily James
The Playground

     I sit here shocked, terrified, and amazed. I had no idea of the scope of the complex industry maneuverings which have been exposed on this fine and upstanding site by this dedicated journalist we call Garry. By god, I dedicate my life to pursuing the value system of which a seed has been planted here at Bathtime Gurglings. Brothers, when we are through, not one stone will stand upon another. We have nothing to lose but our minds, and a world to gain.

Bill Gates

     You are not particularly funny. I did not copyright the concept of clouds. Only an idiot would even think that I had. I did, however, copyright your name yesterday. Now, every time you sign a check, you have to pay me a 5 cent royalty fee. Don't mess with me, boy, I have more money than God.