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Bio-engineering Rudolph
Manipulation of the Genome - Diary, S. Claus

     It is my contention that the genome of reindeer can be altered, in order to produce desired traits and tendencies. In order to prove this thesis, I intend to create a reindeer which has a high degree of bioluminescence in its proboscis. In other words, a reindeer with a shiny nose.

     Feb 4: Initial sampling shows that Donner and Blitzen have above average shine on their respective noses. Several of the female reindeer groupies also show some promise.

     Apr 8: Initial breeding experiments doing well. Subjects Shine #'s 1 through 8 have been born. Will continue breeding program with these offspring. They make a non-viable genetic base, and may have several unanticipated genetic mutations.

     Jul 16: Major setback! Shine #36's face has exploded. He had a great deal of proboscis bioluminescence...apparently too much. The explosion obliterated two thirds of his head. Oh, well, venison for dinner tonight.

     Jul 28: The reindeer have gotten wind of my tampering with their gene pool. Stupid, snitching elves. I had Comet, Prancer and Blitzen killed and replaced with obedient clones.

     Aug 20: Partial Success! Rudolph #1 has been born. Unfortunately, he has a shiny rectum. However, even this small success is cause for hope.

     Oct 18: Finally! Rudolph #28 has been born. He shows a high degree of proboscis bioluminescence. I have terminated Rudolphs # 1 through 27. After a short brain washing session, Rudolph #28 now believes he was born naturally. I will initiate a plan to make certain that he has no social ties with the other reindeer.

     Nov 8: Program doing well. All of the other reindeer laugh and call Rudolph #28 names, and refuse to allow him to participate in reindeer festivities. With no peer acceptance, he has bonded with me nicely.

     Dec 24: Total perfection! Artificial snow makers convinced Dasher and the others that a blizzard was imminent. I have asked Rudolph #28 to lead my sleigh. He is now mine, heart and soul. He despises the others.


© 1998 by Garry J. Sled